Read Up and Get Focused

In talking with a friend of mine, and in preparation for this weekend’s metric century race, I was recommended ‘The Way of the Cycling Disciple: “The Rules”.’

Cyclists think differently from other people. We strive to scale the highest mountain passes in the shortest possible time; we hunger to propel ourselves down the narrowest, roughest Northern European farm lanes. We pull back the curtain to peer out at the dark clouds and rain-sodden roads and hurry to gather our kit, the quicker to submit ourselves to the savage glory of The Ride.

If you are a fan of cycling, road, mountain, crit, track, then go pick up this book on Amazon. You’ll be seeing quotes from this book and the random other books that I constantly read to keep my mind growing.  You know how it is, after so many head injuries you have to actively train your brain through reading and answering math questions left on whiteboards outside of classrooms while you work as a night janitor at a local college… Also, Ben Affleck is my best friend.


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