28FEB2017 High Cadence Hill Repeats


4 x 400m hill climb with cadence 95-110 rpm rest an easy coast back down the hill.

Finish with a slight down gradient attempting to keep the cadence up… and going fast. Easy pedal 1:00 and then work back up the 1-mile hill with cadence 90-105 rpm for the finisher.

As I roll into the halfway point of the week and prepare for the first metric century race of the week I decreased my volume and dropped to just 4 rounds.

Really working on the lactate threshold and pushing the limits with minimal rest periods. Had a great playlist that had the beat drop right at the last peak of the hill every round.  It was spectacular for that last extra push.

What was your interval training today?

Doing some strength work tomorrow as well as some run intervals.


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