Welcome to March!01MAR2017

Started the morning off at Anderson Creek CrossFit. My ‘go-to’ box when I am looking for those high intensity work outs. The atmosphere is great and the coaches are knowledgeable. 

Worked on Heaving Snatch Balance while working through some mobility issues I have. Then we went into a nice little nasty METCON. 

For Time

200m run

50 double unders

400m run

100 double unders

200m run

50 double unders

Finished with some High Rep RDLs. 

In the afternoon training took a little bit of a different turn as 400m repeats were brought in, running. 

4x300m rest 3:00 

The closer I get to this race on Aunday the more anxious I get resulting in more energy as I want to work out more. No… taper week, preparation and recovery is the goal. 

Awesome news that I can’t go into too much detail for. The company I represent when I ride (18 Series Nutrition) has 3 bad ass products coming out in the next two months. I am stoked because I got to take part in their taste tests and they taste awesome! I can’t wait for my first stack to come in. 

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