03MAR2017 2 days until race day


Right now I am regretting those 4×20 RDLs. At least regretting the weight I chose. My hamstrings are rather sore but at least they should be good by the race day Sunday. 

This morning I opted not to do 17.2 and save my legs for the race. I spent 30 minutes on mobility followed by a tempo ride focusing on power output. 15 min at 100, 10 at 120, 10 at 150 and then 5 at an increased resistance dropping the cadence to 75-80 rpm with an output of 200-205 then 5 minutes at 90 bpm with an output of 100-105. 

Continued with a little more mobility. The goal for tomorrow is a 45 minute steady tempo ride around 85-95 bpm, with a power output of no more than 110 then mobility work. 

This will be the first ride over 50 miles this year and is a major step in the build up to the 163 mile ride in August. 

Wish me luck. 

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