Well, today was a doozie at the CrossFit gym. What made it even better was doing the METCON against a body weight specialist friend of mine. He was fast so I had to try to match his reps or move faster. Needless to say I thought I was about to puke today. 

Was able to pull 405# x 7 on the Sumo deadlift rather easily. My left hand’s girl gave up first but the pulls seemed effortless. 

The METCON was rather painful with 3 rounds of :30/:30 of 3 movements with total reps/calories added for the final score. The only break between movements was the :30 rest period. 

The movements were:

  • 35# bumper plate Ground to Overhead
  • Row (for calories)
  • Abmat sit-ups 

Total reps/calories ended up being: 173

For endurance training it was more of a recovery day. 4 miles easy pace mostly flat. Nothing special to write about. 

Looking to hit the METCON in the morning, then 400m repeats on the track. If the weather is good then Weds will be a nice 18 mile-ish ride focusing on a fartlek style ride. Keeping the cadence up and working through gear changes. 

Hoping to get the two VO2 maxes done soon so I can update my computer with training zones. 

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