Rest Day, my Hell. 02 APR 2017

Laugh all you want but here is the plan.  Like most of you, I grew up playing sports and would spend each summer grueling away at off-season training.  My poison was ice hockey, I lived it and loved it. I enjoyed spending my nights shooting pucks into a highly dented up goal. I had acquired a broken piece of plexiglass which became my shooting platform which was coupled with my abundance of hockey pucks I found below the bleachers as a youth.

As an adult, I find myself in a dilemma. I love working out but I need something more to focus on. I love racing bikes but that isn’t enough I need to lift heavy things. I have an aggression that can only be released in hockey with a mid-ice check or through moving heavy weight quickly.

So, along with trying to maintain my ability to cycle, because I do enjoy it, I thought I would also start training to compete in a CrossFit event.  What does this mean? No idea, except that I need to work on gymnastic movements and overhead mobility.  But come follow along with me on my journey to see where this takes me, all while attempting to balance a job and a life.

This should be entertaining, to say the least. I have put my second Master’s degree on hold, one because I am weighing the options of changing direction and applying for a Doctorate in Sports Psychology and two, I want more time to train.

So, alright… let’s do this.

Damn these rest days for making me think so much.

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