Truthfully this was started as a way to speak my mind about training, gear, and information.  You’re here because there is some part relating to one of those categories that interest you.

But first, a little bit about me:

  • I have an M.S. in Sports and Health Sciences and will be starting a doctorate in performance psychology this fall.
  • I like taking part in road endurance races, mountain biking and crit, however, I also enjoy lifting heavy and seeing how far I can push myself.
  • I am an avid CrossFitter and I incorporate the methodology into my training as the “Constantly Varied, Functional Fitness Performed at High Intensity” (CrossFit, Inc.) is extremely beneficial to building the metabolic engine needed to conquer hills and longer races.
  • I tend to eat very clean and strict and then for a month I will let it go crazy and enjoy my three vices: Mexican, Chinese, and Pizza.
  • If you are a French speaker and want to work on English, drop me a line! Always looking to get more proficient at French with avid CrossFitters or cyclists!
  • That is it for now… C’est Tout