Rest Day Activities

It is absolutely preposterous for me to take a complete rest day.  It isn’t that I don’t want to it is that I feel lazy if I do.  When there isn’t a race I like to train 7 days a week, the recovery days are usually slightly too active of recovery days.  If I had it my way my day would be laid out as so:

4:30: wake up
5:00: Endurance – Cycling/Running/Rucking… maybe kayaking, that is pretty fun.
7:00: Breakfast
8-11: Work
11-12:30: Gym
12:30-1:30 Working Lunch
1:30-5: Work
5-6: METCON/CrossFit
6-8: home life
8:30: Sleep

Well, tomorrow is the 100k (62 miles) race. Do I feel confident? Meh… either way it should be a good time. I wish the temperature was going to be 10 degrees warmer but pickers can’t be choosers. It is March in North Carolina and already we have seen some 80 degree days! Absolutely crazy!

After this race, starting Monday, I will be going back to tracking my diet much closer and recording my programming as well.  The goal is to maintain strength, or increase strength while dropping weight to help with the climbs. I will also be going through two VO2 max tests, one for running and one for biking, to help with programming my training zones.  The next few months should be rather interesting, so stay tuned or follow along.

Now… to find the perfect picture to explain my rest day activities.

03MAR2017 2 days until race day


Right now I am regretting those 4×20 RDLs. At least regretting the weight I chose. My hamstrings are rather sore but at least they should be good by the race day Sunday. 

This morning I opted not to do 17.2 and save my legs for the race. I spent 30 minutes on mobility followed by a tempo ride focusing on power output. 15 min at 100, 10 at 120, 10 at 150 and then 5 at an increased resistance dropping the cadence to 75-80 rpm with an output of 200-205 then 5 minutes at 90 bpm with an output of 100-105. 

Continued with a little more mobility. The goal for tomorrow is a 45 minute steady tempo ride around 85-95 bpm, with a power output of no more than 110 then mobility work. 

This will be the first ride over 50 miles this year and is a major step in the build up to the 163 mile ride in August. 

Wish me luck. 



Included a very short 30:00 ride. 
The CrossFit open’s 17.2 drops tonight. I’m debating about knocking it out tomorrow and feeling the impact come Sunday, race day. Or knocking it out Monday and feeling the impact from Sunday, race day. 

Choices, choices, choices. 

Nutrition slipped a bit today but that’s alright. Will be solid the next two days leading into the race and have a pretty solid nutrition plan for the 100k race. 

More on that after the race day. 


Welcome to March!01MAR2017

Started the morning off at Anderson Creek CrossFit. My ‘go-to’ box when I am looking for those high intensity work outs. The atmosphere is great and the coaches are knowledgeable. 

Worked on Heaving Snatch Balance while working through some mobility issues I have. Then we went into a nice little nasty METCON. 

For Time

200m run

50 double unders

400m run

100 double unders

200m run

50 double unders

Finished with some High Rep RDLs. 

In the afternoon training took a little bit of a different turn as 400m repeats were brought in, running. 

4x300m rest 3:00 

The closer I get to this race on Aunday the more anxious I get resulting in more energy as I want to work out more. No… taper week, preparation and recovery is the goal. 

Awesome news that I can’t go into too much detail for. The company I represent when I ride (18 Series Nutrition) has 3 bad ass products coming out in the next two months. I am stoked because I got to take part in their taste tests and they taste awesome! I can’t wait for my first stack to come in. 

28FEB2017 High Cadence Hill Repeats


4 x 400m hill climb with cadence 95-110 rpm rest an easy coast back down the hill.

Finish with a slight down gradient attempting to keep the cadence up… and going fast. Easy pedal 1:00 and then work back up the 1-mile hill with cadence 90-105 rpm for the finisher.

As I roll into the halfway point of the week and prepare for the first metric century race of the week I decreased my volume and dropped to just 4 rounds.

Really working on the lactate threshold and pushing the limits with minimal rest periods. Had a great playlist that had the beat drop right at the last peak of the hill every round.  It was spectacular for that last extra push.

What was your interval training today?

Doing some strength work tomorrow as well as some run intervals.


Read Up and Get Focused

In talking with a friend of mine, and in preparation for this weekend’s metric century race, I was recommended ‘The Way of the Cycling Disciple: “The Rules”.’

Cyclists think differently from other people. We strive to scale the highest mountain passes in the shortest possible time; we hunger to propel ourselves down the narrowest, roughest Northern European farm lanes. We pull back the curtain to peer out at the dark clouds and rain-sodden roads and hurry to gather our kit, the quicker to submit ourselves to the savage glory of The Ride.

If you are a fan of cycling, road, mountain, crit, track, then go pick up this book on Amazon. You’ll be seeing quotes from this book and the random other books that I constantly read to keep my mind growing.  You know how it is, after so many head injuries you have to actively train your brain through reading and answering math questions left on whiteboards outside of classrooms while you work as a night janitor at a local college… Also, Ben Affleck is my best friend.