Rest Day, my Hell. 02 APR 2017

Laugh all you want but here is the plan.  Like most of you, I grew up playing sports and would spend each summer grueling away at off-season training.  My poison was ice hockey, I lived it and loved it. I enjoyed spending my nights shooting pucks into a highly dented up goal. I had acquired a broken piece of plexiglass which became my shooting platform which was coupled with my abundance of hockey pucks I found below the bleachers as a youth.

As an adult, I find myself in a dilemma. I love working out but I need something more to focus on. I love racing bikes but that isn’t enough I need to lift heavy things. I have an aggression that can only be released in hockey with a mid-ice check or through moving heavy weight quickly.

So, along with trying to maintain my ability to cycle, because I do enjoy it, I thought I would also start training to compete in a CrossFit event.  What does this mean? No idea, except that I need to work on gymnastic movements and overhead mobility.  But come follow along with me on my journey to see where this takes me, all while attempting to balance a job and a life.

This should be entertaining, to say the least. I have put my second Master’s degree on hold, one because I am weighing the options of changing direction and applying for a Doctorate in Sports Psychology and two, I want more time to train.

So, alright… let’s do this.

Damn these rest days for making me think so much.

Rest Day Activities

It is absolutely preposterous for me to take a complete rest day.  It isn’t that I don’t want to it is that I feel lazy if I do.  When there isn’t a race I like to train 7 days a week, the recovery days are usually slightly too active of recovery days.  If I had it my way my day would be laid out as so:

4:30: wake up
5:00: Endurance – Cycling/Running/Rucking… maybe kayaking, that is pretty fun.
7:00: Breakfast
8-11: Work
11-12:30: Gym
12:30-1:30 Working Lunch
1:30-5: Work
5-6: METCON/CrossFit
6-8: home life
8:30: Sleep

Well, tomorrow is the 100k (62 miles) race. Do I feel confident? Meh… either way it should be a good time. I wish the temperature was going to be 10 degrees warmer but pickers can’t be choosers. It is March in North Carolina and already we have seen some 80 degree days! Absolutely crazy!

After this race, starting Monday, I will be going back to tracking my diet much closer and recording my programming as well.  The goal is to maintain strength, or increase strength while dropping weight to help with the climbs. I will also be going through two VO2 max tests, one for running and one for biking, to help with programming my training zones.  The next few months should be rather interesting, so stay tuned or follow along.

Now… to find the perfect picture to explain my rest day activities.